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Hi, I'm Tanya,

 CEO & Founder of  

Your Back Office Solutions 

I am passionate about helping retail business owners remove the feeling of overwhelm and anxiety when it comes to accounting for their business.


My approach is simple but effective.  By working with me, my clients learn quickly how to GET and KEEP profits, balance their books and relieve the stress and anxiety of 

While each business owner situation is unique, I find there is one small daily activity preventing profits AND leaving the owner anxious and overwhelmed. . . 


👉 The consistent and accurate recording of business transactions. 

That's why I created

The Retailer’s Survival Guide 


I want to help business owners like YOU, no matter where you are in your business journey, GET and KEEP profits AND remove the overwhelm and anxiety when it comes to your business accounting.

By following the guide's 6-easy-steps  you will quickly be on your way to consistently getting and keeping profits AND removing the .


The Retailer’s Survival Guide Will Show You . . .

The BEST daily actions to take to grow your business

Systems you need to make sure you get PAID TIMELY

How to stay on top of sales tax to PREVENT unpaid and underpaid taxes

What Are You Waiting For ?

Ditch the Bookkeeping Anxiety! 

Get A Copy of My FREE Retailers’ Survivor’s Guide

ALWAYS be prepared for tax season with these 6 tips that will help you get (and KEEP ) your books in order 

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